A Q U A T I C   D E P A R T M E N T


Plunge into fitness 6 days per week under the guidance of our qualified aqua instructors.  Our instructors pay close attention to each individual no matter what the class size is.  We have weighted belts available to assist you, weights and noodles to add resistance to your workout, plus hand paddles when maximum intensity is desired. 
Our pool is conveniently located directly outside of ‘The Big C Grille’ where you can place your tasty drink directly from our ‘to-go’ window.  Tables, chairs, and beautiful umbrellas for shade are set up on our deck for you to relax with friends when class is done!


AquaLite:  This is a low-intensity class designed to alleviate the pain and stiffness in our joints through water resistance, add flexibility through use of full range of motion movements, improve balance through core work and offer a stress free environment.   AquaLite combines lite cardio, strength training, and stretch in a 90 minute workout.

Workout in Water with Weights:  WWW is an aqua workout that builds and strengthens while using floatation belts and props.  Let our pool become your ‘liquid gym’ while taking this class the 2nd Saturday of each month!   Hydro-Tone belts are used.
AquaZumba: Jump with no impact, and party with your friends!  Burn the same calories as we do on land, if not more with AquaZumba!  Clap, splash, laugh, shake, rattle, and roll with AquaZumba!