Exercise of the Month

Excercise: Glute Bridge

In this video I am showing how to perform a basic core stabilization exercise called the glute bridge, and then showing how to progress into different levels. We are moving from a static form to a dynamic form. When doing any of these techniques be sure to full activate your core (abs and butt) making sure you don't feel it in your lower back. These exercises will strengthen your lower back by strengthening your Abs and Butt. Start with your abs tight and your feet underneath your knees. Also make sure to breathe while doing this and all exercises for that matter. Perform 2-3 sets of 30 secs or with movement 12-15 reps.

Level 1 - Engage your abs making your lower back flat to the ground. While breathing out lift off the floor contracting your glutes. With your abs and butt tight to stabilize your back hold the exercise for as long as you can up to 30-45sec.

Level 2 - Still engaging your core (Butt and Abs) you will start to alternate lifting your feet remaining stable. Do 10 reps on each leg for 20 total reps.

Level 3 - To make the exercise more difficult try adding a box or stability ball to challenge your core stability. Start with your feet on top of the ball or box still close to under your knees. Engage your abs and lift hips contracting your glutes. Do reps or hold for up to 30 secs. Also try to challenge yourself by holding your arms above your head.